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  Internews Armenia
Internews Armenia's mission is to contribute to Armenia’s development as a democratic and stable society by creating conditions for the existence of free, independent and pluralistic media.

  Internews Azerbaijan
Internews Azerbaijan supports the development of open media in Azerbaijan through production and distribution of television programs, journalist trainings, association-building, technical support, and legal assistance.


  Internews Europe
Internews Europe is a French non-profit organization that supports independent media around the world. Projects range from Western to Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa.


  Internews Georgia
Internews Georgia provides non-governmental TV and radio stations with the technical and journalistic skills they need to produce news and informational programming.


  Internews Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan promotes the development of independent television, radio and Internet in Kazakhstan, and produces and disseminates innovative television programs on internal and international topics.


  Internews Kosova
Internews Kosova works to strengthen all independent radio stations around Kosova with programming, training, equipment, and association-building.


  Internews Kyrgyz Republic
Internews Kyrgyz Republic is non-profit organization that uses global communications to enhance tolerance and understanding. The NGO supports independent media by training media professionals, producing innovative television programming, and working for fair media laws.

  Internews Network (A OneWorld Partner)
Internews is an international NGO that works to improve access to information for people around the world by fostering independent media and promoting open communications policies.

  Internews Ukraine
Internews Ukraine is a non-profit public organization that works to support the development of democracy and the fundamentals of civil society through support of independent, empowered and pluralistic mass media in Ukraine.


  Khoma (Dushanbe, Tajikistan)
Khoma works to strengthen electronic mass media in Tajikistan with training & production facilities.

  Nai (Kabul, Afghanistan)
Nai works to strengthen independent radio stations in Afghanistan with training & research facilities.


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